Auxionize - лого

Our market days are 365 a year.

  Auxionize is the first procurement software that lets suppliers create their product lists, subscribe to relevant categories of products and services, participate in all open and invitational e-auctions, and even place offers in open product categories for which there are no active auction procedures. We have designed the ultimate in seller empowerment and our registered users can now be also proactive in their business development efforts.

Snow-white required magic to appear at the ball – you do not need to

Traditionally all users of a business procurement software need to send invitations to suppliers they know and have worked with. The utmost of creativity here may be to use web search and send invites to an info@ or office@ email and hope for an answer.

We have a permanently active marketplace with pre-approved registered companies. Just by placing your product in the correct category, you will be presented with a list of companies that are trading with it, sometimes a very long one.

No need to search, just read the star reviews, select the ones you want, add your tried and tested partners and you are good to go.

Client-centric means you get to steal the show

 Our marketplace never sleeps, you can always rely on our pre-installed supplier ecosystem to get your RFI correct, interact with people and companies you know or you want to do business with, and get your exact product or service specification.
Stay always informed and help Finance with their budgeting efforts by being fast and very accurate in your estimations – we are sure they will be thankful for that. 

Let us show you how you can do things faster and better

At Auxionize we have everyone’s best interests at heart. By being client-centric, we allow our primary clients – the corporate buyers- to widen their options and receive full market insights at any given time, but we also let suppliers start new business in new territories and product ranges.   
Because everyone loves a  win-win!