In Auxionize 2.0 users describe products and services in a formalized and uniform way through a variety of independent attributes with specific measurable values. The comparison between similar products is easy and based entirely on their objective qualities.

Company purchases

Auxionize provides buyers with tools for completely transparent corporate purchases. Complete information on every purchase of the company, with just one click and a unified communication channel for everything related to the purchases of their business.


Auxionize takes care to inform the sellers every time a buyer wants to buy a product included in their seller’s product nomenclature.


Creates a common language for communication between sellers and buyers and automatically connects demand with supply for each product or service. Buyers get immediate and automatic access to suppliers of their desired products. Sellers also get instant and automatic access to active buyers every time they want to make a purchase.


INTERCHANGEABLE PRODUCT SET – IPS. In the IPS’s buyers group products that meet their needs equally and receive offers for all of them in one place. This achieves optimization and reduces the time to research prices and products, as comparing offers for similar products is easier than ever.


Sellers and buyers can make transactions through their nomenclatures of products or services. In this way, in Auxionize 2.0, you don’t always have to start an auction. Sellers can actively bid in the IPS nomenclatures of buyers and receive orders directly from there. The living nomenclature can be considered as an infinite auction and has similar functionality.


Auxionize’s reverse auctions automate the negotiations between the parties and allow all sellers to compete transparently on equal terms so that the best can win.


The pre-auctions are a public draft of future auctions. During the pre-auction period, proactive sellers advise buyers on product specifications and terms of the purchase. In this way, pre-auctions reduce the risk of an unsuccessful auction due to the buyer’s lack of information.

The first client-centric marketplace for business

The first digital market in which business users of goods and services define demand according to their own needs and delivery conditions

The fastest and most efficient channel for communication between buyers and suppliers

Always be informed about declining product prices.

Full transperancy and guaranteed compliance with the procurement procedures.

100% fairplay between competitors endured by clear predefined rules to

Zero possibility for bad practices when concluding deals

The customer-centric market is the way to keep no deal under your radar.

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