Auxionize - лого

Product benefits

You can trust us to implement a solution that will enable your company to automate manual processes, maximise efficiency, and accelerate business expansion. But we leave this to you to find out – we are just a “Book a demo” button away.

AUXIONIZE is a solution to these problems

Lack of product knowledge

Our product library expands everyday with more and more up-to-date and well-defined products. Your suppliers can help you get the required specifics as well.

Error-prone manual processes

Paper and email auctions lasting weeks in 2023. Really?

Chaotic, unclear workflows

Procure and order. Contract/Supplier management coming soon

Poorly maintained records

All your information in one place, secure in the cloud

Lack of dynamic bidding

You simply cannot recreate competitive online bidding any other way

No actual price information

Suppliers can proactively update you on all price developments as they occur.


The best processes for turning strategy into results

Auxionize - Предварителни търгове

Request for information

Run pre-auctions to let suppliers shape your request and allow adequate budgeting.

Auxionize - Продуктова библиотека

Product library

Benefit from 200,000 + defined products or design your own, full set of specs possible. Never have to answer questions from suppliers such as “What is it exactly that you want to buy?

Auxionize - Електронни търгове


The best way to go for optimal quality/price procurement plus our own IPS enhancement. Period.

Auxionize - Поръчка

Purchase Order

Award the winners and order. Contract and Supplier management will be with you soonest.


It’s never one-size-fits-all

Auxionize is designed to adapt to your purchasing approach, industry, and company size. Choose only the price plan you need, invite your preferred vendors and talk to us how they can benefit too. Customize product, import sets or let us do it for you – fields, set up criteria-based approval workflows, and design your user roles. All in a day’s work.