Auxionize - лого

  We help you get exactly what you need (literally).

Auxionize is the first procurement software that lets users use a fully functional specification set of all possible product attributes. We support all units and measurement types for business procurement and it is just as easy to use as building a Lego set, only we call it Product building for good (and exact) measure.

The old way of procuring products and services

Ok, so this is what you got from your engineers and did they promise that this is the last time they make an order like that?

Are you tired of wasting hours and resources in trying to make sense of technical specs and understand and email complex descriptions of items needed? Do you want to avoid human errors and lengthy resolutions of conflicts with wrong items shipped?

The new way of getting your orders right

 With Auxionize you can specify exact attributes in a fast and easy way. Just create your product, attach an image and configure the important stuff. What is even better you can assign users to your technical staff so that they can do the complex work and leave to you just the procurement stuff – just the way it was always supposed to be.

And to make things even easier we can design custom imports from your current ERP in case someone already has done this – most major ERP providers can be supported.

Getting things right the first time

Auxionize minimizes errors in the procurement process. Once you create or import your database of necessary products you can use and customize it with just a few clicks and get excellent results every time.  

Plus, you can receive orders outside of an active auction procedure for the products that interests you most and discover new pricing dynamics and new suppliers all the time.