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Auxionize - Гъвкаво решение, достъпно през браузър, без изисквания към технически ресурси.


Accessible in any browser. No hardware requirements, no lengthy integrations, no licensing fees.

Just connect and start saving money.

Auxionize - Купете или продайте директно или чрез търг.

Transparency and continuity

Discover new products and pre-approved vendors in an easy and automated way. View all auction-related info. Control and approve. All past information is conveniently accessible. You will never have to search for records from former employees again.

Auxionize внедрява най-актуалните тръжни алгоритми и се грижи да получавате автоматични уведомления.


We use the latest and most efficient auction algorithms and procedures. Set it up, sit back and enjoy receiving automatic notifications for all important stuff.

Auxionize - С няколко клика вече имате това, за което огромни корпорации плащат милиони.


Don’t just talk about digital transformation.

Redesign your traditional supply chain and reach an ever-increasing market of clients and suppliers with just a few clicks, without having to pay millions for lengthy integrations.

Your success is our only concern

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Kaloyan Ivanov, Specialist supplies of chemical reagents at Astra Bioplant

„In order to be successful and competitive on the global market, large businesses need transparency, traceability and reliability. When we gathered empirical data and compared purchasing prices – even accounting for factors such as seasonality, discontinued production, etc., we saw that the prices of certain products had dropped by 30 to 40%. If we were to act traditionally with inquiries to each individual supplier, collecting offers, comparing, negotiating – it would take us a lot of time and energy.”

Kaloyan Ninov – Manager at BREF

„We have constructed buildings with a total area of over 100 000. sq.m. using Auxionize. We have conducted more than 50 auctions, the values of which ranging from less than BGN 1 Mil. up to over BGN 10 Mill. Each. This turned out to be an extremely useful tool for us for effective management of the tender process, guaranteeing us transparency and a high level of competition. We have many shareholders who want to know how their money is managed and whether we select our contractors in a transparent and impartial manner.“

Milena Zaharieva, Purchasing Director at Walltopia

„Not so long ago we had to send tens of emails to suppliers in our database, receive offers, collate and compare. Now this is all done automatically via Auxionize. We always try to establish direct contact with the major manufacturers of materials and services, whenever this is possible, and invite them to bid through the platform. We are sometimes pleasantly surprised to discover new suppliers in Auxionize with whom we have never crossed paths before. “

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