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Save time and money with reverse e-auctions.

Auxionize is the first client-centric marketplace for business procurement. Discover how you can get the best deals and optimize your supply chain with our innovative platform. Never look back to how things used to be, Guaranteed.

The old way of conducting procurement auctions

Are you tired of wasting hours and resources on traditional procurement methods? Do you struggle to find and compare the best offers from multiple suppliers? Do you want to avoid human errors, fraud, and bias in your purchasing decisions?

Yes, we know spreadsheets can be fun but surely in our modern age, you can do better! We will provide that upgrade for you straight from the cloud.

The old way of conducting procurement auctions

 With Auxionize, you can conduct reverse e-auctions in a fast and easy way. Just create your product using our advanced Product builder, wrap it in an IPS, start an auction, invite your suppliers, sit back and watch them compete for your business in real time. You can set your own criteria, rules, and preferences, and monitor the bidding process live from anywhere. You can also chat with your suppliers and ask questions or negotiate terms.

The results of using reverse e-auctions

Auxionize helps you achieve the best outcomes for your procurement needs. You can compare and analyze the bids, choose the most suitable supplier, and finalize the contract with a few clicks.

You can also track and manage your orders, receive invoices, and manage deliveries with our built-in tools. Plus, you can access detailed customizable reports and insights that help you improve your procurement performance and strategy.