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Meet our team and see how we fared in the past. We love what we do and we are motivated to deliver an outstanding level of service.

Who are we?

Auxionize develops and delivers as a service the first B2B client-centric marketplace. We aim to enable business contractors to discover and close more business opportunities in a faster, reliable and transparent manner.

Our mission is to allow businesses to implement fast digital optimisation to existing supply chains by using agile tools. We started with RFI and e-auction and will soon add Contract and Supplier management to make Auxionize a true e-sourcing platform.

Auxionize - Кои сме ние?
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We aim to develop our marketplace in a manner just as exciting and efficient as a stroll along any traditional market. Get only the things you need from the merchants you trust for a price that is nothing but fair.

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But trust us not to stop there - we are determined to expand into different regions and are right now busy updating our systems with different language versions and territory-specific features. Coming soon.

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