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Auxionize develops and delivers as a service the first B2B client-centric marketplace to enable business contractors to discover and close more business opportunities in a faster, reliable and transparent manner. By deploying unique features we allow the business to implement hands on approach to its supply chains through agile toolset to formalize its demands in the full scope of products and services needed and to automate the whole set of procurement procedures.


During the previous year Auxionize evolved from procurement and sourcing solution into a complete B2B marketplace. Since April '22 the system is online and we are on fire onboarding existing and new customers.


For the next phase of development where our goals are focused on presenting the platform on mature markets in the EU and US we are looking for qualified and determined professionals to join us in this both challenging and exciting journey.

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Ivaylo Penchev

General Executive Director


“When we kicked-off Auxionize it was mostly a solution to optimize the procurement processes in a company. Going further we realized that our path is leading to a much more significant goal: a client-centric marketplace where companies are able to publish their specific intention to purchase certain products. We  fanatically believe as a team that the future belongs to the client-centric marketplaces.”

Dimitar Georgiev

Executive director and IT lead


“I truly believe that the world will be once again global and Auxionize will connect buyers and sellers faster and in more transparent way than ever. Our ambition is to transform Auxionize into a global B2B platform within 5 years.”

Boyana Boynovska

Chief Operating Officer


“In Auxionize the matchmaking and negotiation processes are fully automated: every time when a buyer declares that he purchases specific products or services the potential vendors are instantly notified about this opportunity and are able to submit their offers at one place in real time. Thus the assignor is able to compare competing proposals faster in environment transparent for all participants”.

Auxionize is the first platform for transparent online reverse bidding. You now have direct access to suppliers and instant access to active buyers.

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